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Bejeweled Stars is the newest addition to the trendy saga of puzzle games where you have to join brightly colored gems together on your game board to make them disappear with a bang into a colorful explosion. And, as expected, it arrives with very interesting changes on its already familiar mechanics.

Among the improvements to Bejeweled Stars, the one that really stands out is the presence of rivers within scenes. All the jewels that you find in a river, will slide down following its course every time you make a move. This adds on a new element of strategy to your matches that'll keep you on your toes.

Another new option is choosing to use different special powers during matches, as well as the addition of special gems. In some levels, you'll need to smash a certain number of gems, as well as another certain number of special jewels. And of course, you'll also get a maximum number of moves you can use to meet your objective in each match.

Bejeweled Stars is an excellent puzzle game that improves greatly on many aspects of earlier editions in this saga. The game has over 200 different levels. Also, all of them allow you to compete with your Facebook friends to see who gets a better score.
By Erika Okumura
Bejeweled Stars: The puzzle saga is back on Android

Bejeweled set the bar in terms of broadening the audience for video games. It was the first of the PopCap Games, released ages ago in 2001, and served to get moms and grandmas everywhere hooked on its mega-simple puzzle while discovering the possibilities on their PCs beyond solitaire and freecell. Now, after several sequels and turns of the screw, we have Bejeweled Starsa new free-to-play release for Android that adds gameplay elements from Candy Crush and its ilk. May the heavens shake.
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Android 4.0.3 or higher required.

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